Religious Studies Major

北京快3官方网址Discover the religions and cultures of the world from a nondenominational, scholarly viewpoint and explore emerging religions in the United States.

北京快3官方网址Religious studies, as an academic endeavor, focuses on varied religious traditions that figure prominently in the development of human culture. This program’s faculty also theorize about the phenomenon of religion itself, abstracting from concrete manifestations and subjecting ideas to explanation and evaluation. Both orientations reveal religion to be complex and multifaceted by nature.

Through coursework, you will investigate religion from its psychological, sociological, anthropological, artistic, ethical or metaphysical dimensions. Whether you consider yourself a religious person or not, this major allows you to think more broadly and critically, write more clearly, and be more thoughtful in your discussion of the world. The program prepares students for advanced degrees or any career path in which detailed cultural knowledge is an asset, including education, nonprofits, diplomacy, law and business. View in the Undergraduate Catalog.

WHY TOWSON University?

Small Class Sizes

Small classes taught by experienced faculty give you a real opportunity to interact with your instructors and fellow classmates.


北京快3官方网址The beautiful 322-acre campus is in close proximity to a number of places of worship and museums that provide a historical perspective on philosophy and religion.


Scholarships are available specifically for religious studies students. Learn more about all of the department’s scholarship opportunities.