Middle School Education Major

北京快3官方网址Towson University’s middle school education major offers a strong academic foundation combined with transformative field experiences.

Towson University has been a leader in teacher preparation for more than 150 years and its programs are recognized for their high quality and innovation. We are the first state university in Maryland to offer a middle school major, and we produce the largest number of such majors in the state.

The program is known for its engaged faculty, strong internship experiences and integrated, well-rounded program of study. Our most recent graduating cohort had a 100 percent job placement rate.

With the increasing secondary and middle school-age population and the impending retirement of many veteran teachers, the need for secondary and middle school teachers is greater than ever. Find out more about the advantages of studying secondary education at Towson University. 

As a middle school education major, you will choose two areas of academic content. Middle school certification programs are offered in these subject area combinations: English and math, English and science, English and social studies, math and science, math and social studies, and science and social studies.

Program Features

  • preparation as a facilitator of active learning in developmentally appropriate environments
  • supportive, engaged faculty with a broad range of expertise in topics critical to the field
  • field experience incorporating innovative, highly effective strategies for planning, instruction, assessment and technology integration
  • an academic advising program with supportive faculty that includes one-on-one strategic and progressive planning across all years at the university
  • supportive student cohort communities

The Center for Professional Practice北京快3官方网址 connects students to internships. 

Admission to the Major

Students are admitted to the major after first being admitted to the university. Before being admitted to the middle school education major, students must first declare a “Pre-Middle School Education” major and complete the lower-level prerequisites and other requirements.

The requirements for admission to the major are as follows:

  • completion of at least 45 college units
  • cumulative GPA of 2.75 for all postsecondary institutions attended. Official transcripts are required for all schools except Towson University (for which unofficial printouts are accepted)
  •  or SAT/GRE/ACT scores are not required for admission to the Pre-Middle School Education program but are required prior to taking CORE Secondary Education courses (usually the final 3 semesters before graduation.)
  • submission of a separate Application for Admission for the Major (PDF)

Degree Requirements

View  in the Undergraduate Catalog北京快3官方网址.

why towson University?

Program Advantages

  • Towson University’s long history and reputation as an excellent teacher training institution 
  • Programs accredited by the and the and nationally recognized by the
  • 12:1 student-faculty ratio
  • 100% of students begin part-time internships in their junior year
  • teacher preparation in a wide variety of settings, including urban, suburban and rural schools
  • technology training to extend and enhance learning experiences in the classroom

Towson UTeach

北京快3官方网址Interested in teaching math or science? Towson UTeach enables you to complete both a Bachelor of Science degree and all course work for grades 7 - 12 teacher certification in Maryland in just four years. You’ll also begin teaching in local schools your very first semester.