Art Education Major

Towson University’s art education program is recognized nationally for the depth and breadth of coursework that prepares future art teachers.

Towson University offers a five-year Bachelor of Science degree in art education, consisting of core requirements, professional education requirements, and art + design, art history, art education and art-specific reading courses. A key text used in the program, Becoming an Art Teacher, is authored by Towson University Professor Emeritus Jane Bates.

Admission Requirements

The art education program is a screened major. Screening takes place one time per year on the 2nd Friday each year. Admission into the university and into the Department of Art + Design does not guarantee admission into the major. Students in the program are eligible for certification enabling them to teach art in grades PreK-12. View admission requirements.

Degree Requirements and Course Descriptions

The entire program is approximately 142 credits with the art education block completed in the last three semesters of the program. Program graduates are highly sought as teachers throughout the state of Maryland as well as throughout the country. View in the Undergraduate Catalog.


北京快3官方网址Spend 7 weeks as an intern in an elementary setting (teaching grades PreK-5) and 7 weeks teaching in a middle or high school setting. At the same time, take a professional seminar one night a week to discuss the internship experience and prepare for employment.

Professional and Student Organizations

北京快3官方网址Towson University’s art education program actively participates in both the state () and national () art education associations. Towson University has an active NAEA student chapter that sponsors meetings, fundraisers, field trips and group trips to conferences. Chapter faculty sponsor Kay Broadwater recently presented to NAEA and is chair of higher education on the MAEA Council.