Theatre Arts Productions debuts original work ‘Icarus at the Border’

November 12, 2019

北京快3官方网址Co-produced by Tavia La Follette and artist-in-residence Malcom Purkey, the music and theatre arts collaboration takes on Greek mythology, border politics and addiction

Tavia La Follettee building prop
Assistant Professor Tavia La Follette works on the prop for “Icarus at the Border.”

This weekend, Assistant Professor Tavia La Follette will see several years of collaboration come to fruition with the first performance of “.”

北京快3官方网址Debuting at the Center for the Arts’ Studio Theatre on Thursday, Nov. 14, “Icarus” is an original theatre work La Follette co-produced and directed with renowned South African theatre artist Malcolm Purkey, in residence in the Department of Theatre Arts this year.

Listen: Purkey discusses the production for COFAC’s Art Without Boundaries podcast

Created with input from students, the original production is a partnership between the theatre and music departments. Attendees can expect a multimedia production incorporating puppets, shadow play, animation, singing of original compositions and musical accompaniment in the form of percussion, Purkey explains.

Through the Greek myth of Icarus and the birth of the Minotaur, the production explores modern issues such as border politics and addiction.

In the name of “Icarus,” they researched mythology, built costumes and props, and engaged in theatre exercises from which emerged inspiration and moments that La Follette says they will recognize in the final work.

“The most exciting part,” says the M.F.A. co-director, “is that process of working with students to figure out what the show is. That process is the sacred part of why I do what I do.”

北京快3官方网址The play features some of those same students from the class in the cast. Also in on the act are music students who participated in the ensemble to develop percussive accompaniment.

北京快3官方网址For La Follette, working collaboratively is essential for creativity.

“It gives us” she says, “a multifaced lens through which to view the world.”

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